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Mylapore Social History Project initiated by Mylapore Times - the neighbourhood newspaper.

February 22, 2005

Mylapore social history project

Hi everybody,

This is Shyamala, the Mylapore social history project coordinator.

As Vincent says, the History, Heritage and Culture of Mylapore go back into time.
When we started this project a few months ago, we had little idea what we were looking into. Even before we could scrape at the surface we were overwhelmed by the greatness of Mylapore's history and the richness of its culture.

We have an onerous task ahead.

However, we believe that this project is very worthwhile and will become a most valuable resource for information on Mylapore’s social, cultural and economic life. And we are talking of not only the rich and the famous but even the poor and humble sections of the society.

We want to create something that will continue growing forever. Will people be adding to it, twenty, fifty or even hundred years from now? Can this collection form the most powerful bond of understanding between generations of Mylaporeans?

We invite anyone who has recollections of Mylapore's rich heritage - or has friends and relatives who can recall life as it was in the late 1800s or early 1900s - to participate in this program by contributing or directing us to useful resources.

Happy bonding!


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