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April 05, 2005

P. R. Vasudevan of R.K.Salai writes:

We have some interesting contributions from our readers on their memories of Mylapore.
Mr. P. R. Vasudevan of R.K.Salai writes:
I was born here in 1938 in a house in the Kesava Perumal Westward Street. I read with interest your write-ups on the Mandaveli Post Office. During my study in the PS High School, 1946 - 52, it was the nearest post office to my house and the school. I remember the post card was priced at 3 pies and envelope 1 anna. Registered articles, rarely used, were at 4 annas. I could recollect the faces of couple of postal employees in the Mandaveli post office, a short peon with a chubby and ever-smiling face and the postmaster, a chatty and tall and fair Vaishnavite with prominent religious marks in the forehead. The Money Order Clerk himself used to fill in the MO form for some of the customers without grumbling. The market in front of the post office, both in the Brodie's Road (present RK Mutt Road) and Mandaveli Street remains unchanged to this day, of course with more bustle and more shops.The Mandaveli Street, leading to Santhome High Road, was more or less the southern border of Mylapore: there was no building south of it after the Adam Street - Mandaveli Street junction till it joined the Santhome High Road. It was mostly barren land, used for cattle grazing. Hence the name Mandai veli.


Blogger P.B.MANI said...

When i see the above articles on old mylapore my memories goes into nostalgia about my school days in Mylapore. We used to live in Nadu Street opposite Kapali temple. Our house was a grand old tiled house of more than 100 years which was purchased in the year 1916 by my great grand father from a Mohammedan the title deeds of which are still available. I studied in C.Gopal Nayagar Vannia Sangam School which was 5 doors ahead of my house. The school itself was a tiled building of more than 100 years. It is told that during the first decades of 20th century Carnatic Music concerts used to be held there before the advent of R.R.Sabha. The Headmistress of the school was one Mrs.Vatsala who was known for her discipline and extradinary sense of dressing. There was one teacher by name Mrs. Rose who was a terror among the students. I recently had the occasion to meet my class teacher of Ist standard Mrs. Subbulakshmi and it was a moment to be cherished. The Annual Day Programme of the School are a treat to watch. Whenever the DEO visits the school will be abuzz with activity with top ranking students asked to sit in the back rows. Unfortunately the school is no more there and a residential complex has come over there.

11:02 PM  
Blogger Ananth said...

Hi, P. R. Vasudevan:

Are you the same guy who worked at BARC during the time you were at the Postal Colony at chembur? Hope so. I have been tryiing to track you down for years.

A. Sundararajan
Norman, Oklahoma

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